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In a web hosting business a dedicated server is a server (computer) that is hosted by only one client (company) and is not shared to any one else. This client usualy has a huge web traffic and need the most reliable, fast and secure web service. Other advantages for the client are freedom to choose the unique hardware and software (operating system) for his dedicated server that are most appropriate for his needs.
In most cases the dedicated server is owned by hosting company and client rent the server. Usually dedicated server administration is provided by hosting company like updating and monitoring the system and all applications on dedicated server, data backups, security protection and other maintenance services.


  • Best dedicated servers offer high performance through best protection: RAID 10

  • Best dedicated servers have 100% up time guarantee - they had to have redundant equipment like diesel generators in event of power failure, other power supplies, fans and redundant UPS devices.

  • Best dedicated servers have latest available enterprise level hardware

  • 24/7 resource and uptime monitoring for system or service failure

  • Cloud platform:


Advantages of cloud dedicated server are:
- no downtime when upgrading dedicated server storage/memory/CPU
- by utilizing Cloud you are saving the environment
- in minutes hosting providers can multiply dedicated server storage/memory/CPU


For now there are no free dedicated server jet.  Only one month free dedicated servers or VPS solutions could be found on the market. Search under "free dedicated server".

green dedicated servers


Renting fee for cheap dedicated servers starts around 50$/month. Cheap dedicated servers have also some limitations, and extra fee could be charged for example for Plesk 9, cPanel hosting control panel. But we have found one dedicated server provider that for this money everything is included - look under cheap dedicated server.
Cheapest dedicated servers are Semi-Dedicated Servers. Semi dedicated servers are used only by a couple of users. Advantages are more CPU, RAM and MySQL resources and semi dedicated servers are suitable for heavy and fast growing websites. In comparison to fully dedicated server, semi dedicated servers starts at much lower price, cheapest at 13,00 $/month. Cheap semi dedicated servers


An unmetered dedicated server has unmetered bandwidth usage. With dedicated servers unmetered bandwidth will not be shared with other clients. For example if you buy 100 Mbps dedicated unmetered bandwidth all 100 Mbps are available for you 24/7/365.
In comparison to shared unmetered bandwidth, the bandwidth will be shared with other clients and you can not use your fully unmetered amount all the time because your server will be on connection shared with others. Unmetered dedicated server starts around 50$/month: unmetered dedicated server


Usually providers that are hosting dedicated server offer Windows or Linux operating sistem. Client chooses one that best serves his needs. Linux is the most popular and widely used so it has more features for web designers. Because of its features Linux dedicated server is preferred choice.
There are some applications that require a Linux dedicated server like SSH, scripts  that require specific Apache modules and FrontPage extensions.


Green dedicated server mostly use a renewable energy of wind power or any other renewable energy. Some cloud platform solutions for dedicated servers also help save the environment with high performance and system optimization.
Some web host providers that offer green dedicated servers are: GreenGeeks (wind energy), AISO (solar powered green data center), Wight Hat (wind energy).
The cheapest green dedicated servers are offered by Mochahost, but this are cloud dededicated servers platforms and save the environment with system optimization and better performance.


One of the cheapest dedicated servers in USA are offered by Mochahost.


One of the cheapest dedicated servers in UK are Fasthosts, PoundHost, RapidSwitch and UK Servers.


Some other cheapest dedicated servers in Europe are: in Germany Server4you in Dutch LeaseWeb.

The cheapest dedicated servers are offered by MochaHost and Atspace. Mochahost also offers the best cloud dedicated server. They have recognition for The best web host, e-commerce host award, the best support and most popular web host solution. Their cheapest dedicated servers starts from 48$.
The cheapest semi dedicated server are offered by Atspace. Their servers start at 13$/month. Semi dedicated servers are used by few clients/users and offer more CPU, memory, and MySQL data bases.

Rent or buy dedicated or managed server to run very demanding applications at the highest level, unconditional and uncompromising. When the issue of security in the first place and when leeway to search for compromise solutions are simply not available.

Manage a dedicated server infrastructure, which in co-operation with hosting company is selected, rented or bought.
This means that the hosting company takes complete care of the server, or several of them, and ensures the smooth operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Servers have to be located in the world-class data centers.

Dedicated servers are a viable solution for all those who feel most secure when self-manage hardware and software. You can choose the rental equipment from renowned manufacturers according to your wishes and needs. Software maintenance or operation of the server is mostly included.

Renting a dedicated server
Portals, online shops, community and other projects require more capacity than they can get in the classic types of hosting are ready for a dedicated server.

A dedicated server gives you the ability to control and 24x7 guaranteed performance and is ideal for mission-critical applications. In these, the so-called "dedicated" server there is no need to share the server with other users of the facilities, as required in web hosting. Thus, the total hardware is right for you to take advantage of all its potentials.

Servers are located in information centers, where technicians care for them 24 hours/day, ensuring a smooth power supply, air-controlled environment and continuous security monitoring.

The management server systems offer custom-design configuration and server settings.

Server management - managed hosting
Dedicated Server is the perfect solution for complex websites and subscribers, but you must be aware that it does not guarantee 100% safety and accessibility of your website. Larger companies have employed for this purpose their own IT professionals who are responsible for server configuration, software installation and care for patching potential security holes. Some clients hire external consultants.

Everything is dedicated in cloud green dedicated server solution.

Each element of the cloud dedicated servers infrastructure is dedicated. This means that only you can run virtual dedicated servers on your hosts and use the full power of your data stores. So you can ensure your virtual dedicated server the best performance by distributing the various components of your infrastructure. The cloud dedicated servers software solutions are also dedicated: each user has a separate Virtual Center and Virtual Sphere and Virtual Cloud.

The cloud dedicated servers resources are dedicated and the network is completely private. Each dedicated server should have 2 VLAN: an administrative VLAN (not configurable) for the internal network of the hosts, data stores and virtual servers, and one connected to the Internet VLAN.

Everything is redundant.

Each element of the dedicated servers infrastructure is redundant. The power supply to the server, the storage areas of the routers and the switches are all double created and connected to different power sources. This ensures 100 % uptime for the dedicated servers.

Mini or maxi prices for dedicated servers!

All who have websites are looking for the best price for cheap and best dedicated server hosting as well know that they must reduce the cost of the price that online currently pay for hosting. This is well aware by the dedicated hosting providers, thus offering constant and potential clients very affordable dedicated hosting packages.

Hosting packages for dedicated servers vary

There are many different users that have different requirements. Some are more challenging and complex, while others are simpler. Depending on the complexity of the needs, providers prepare a variety of dedicated hosting packages. This moves the prices from lowest to highest.

In fact, you should consider one hint: cheaper dedicated server can be obtained with some perseverance and ingenuity. Check the web for specials and discounts, and special promotional code that are often issued by dedicated hosting providers. If you find some, your regularly hosting price can be reduced by up to 60% at least for the first year.

We recommend WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is extremely versatile, it is also appropriate for all Internet users who want to build a quality website even for dedicated servers hosting.

Also with WordPress hosting you have to choose the best provider to whom you can trust that you will get what you expect.

Usually the WordPress hosting package offers everything needed that you can quickly begin working. In the event that your package becomes too small or your site is more challenging you always have the option of upgrading to a larger and more powerful package for WordPress hosting.

Even if you do not know WordPress well, you do not need to worry about anything, because the installation is extremely simple, which is the cause of such high popularity. WordPress through the user interface, a wide variety of plug-ins and functionality could be added, thereby completely personalize your page.

By choosing the right company for WordPress hosting your website or forum should certainly acts quickly and correctly, that is in the world of internet extremely appreciated and gives the feeling of trust.

WordPress requirements are simple:
• PHP version 5.2.4 or greater
• MySQL version 5.0 or greater

All the best web hosting companies come with easy install options for WordPress. Your needs are the most important factor for choosing your web hosting provider. WordPress is appropriate for free, shared, VPS, dedicated server or managed hosting.

Shared WordPress Hosting
Shared WordPress hosting is the most affordable and a good starting point for new users and beginners. With shared hosting of course you do not have unlimited resources. It is sad to be unlimited, but you still have usage restrictions. If your site has a lot of traffic web hosting provider will ask to upgrade your account. As your business grows, so will your cost.
Virtual Private Server (VPS) gives you almost as much control as a dedicated server. It can be configured to run specific server software. Often developers, medium-sized bloggers utilize VPS to scale their websites. If you do not have technical knowledge, then you have to purchase a managed VPS. This means, that the web hosting provider manages all and are available to assist you if needed.

WordPress Dedicated Server Hosting

With dedicated server you have full control over the server including the choice of operating system and hardware. If you do not have your own system administrator then we recommend a managed dedicated server. Managed dedicated servers employ full-time system administrators that are doing software updates, do server monitoring, phone support etc.
WordPress Dedicated Servers are the best for extremely traffic blogs and websites.

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